I don’t think it’s right to celebrate the killing of anyone, even if they deserved or instigated it.

We found him, we got him, say a prayer for him, move on. There’s no joy to be had.


double fetch

my gapped-tooth girl

me and my two sons

i wish i could grow one like that

leaf kids


my monsters…


Only known as the Kelly team in the Grand Rapids Recreation Soccer League but none-the-less a force to be reckoned with on the pitch…

That’s Greta, Jessica, Owen, Gavin, Illijah, Elise, Logan and Hugh. Coach Chip and Coach David in the back.

It was a great season, very fun to watch the kids improve throughout.


I believe this was the exact moment that PhotoDuo, a new iPhone app, was concieved… It only took them (Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen) three and half years to bring to market.

photo duo conception

Here’s a few of my PhotoDuo creations

ellie leena

photo duo root beer stand

Photo Duo is available in the app store.